Well, I think it’s better to have as quiet an environment as possible. I realize that you can’t control background noise, especially if you’re in a dorm. Often times you can’t control what’s going on with people coming and going. But in terms of having the TV turned down or the music turned down, I would absolutely recommend that. I think that the quieter you can have it the better, so that your body has a better opportunity to focus and hear what it is you’re directing it to do, and you can gain more clarity and focus and really get into the emotion of that moment. I would say make it as quiet as you can and if you can’t, that’s okay, tap anyway. The important thing is that you want to feel what it is you’re tapping on. There are certain protocols that I’ve developed that you won’t feel anything while you’re tapping. For example the Extreme Body Recovery Protocol, you’re probably not going to feel the adrenaline or cortisol and that’s OK. Your body will still know what you’re talking about. But for sure, when it comes to issues that you’re really emotionally charged about, the more you can feel it, the better.