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Get access to the cutting edge protocols developed to significantly reduce or eliminate soreness after workouts or any activity. Scroll down to learn more.



Discover the muscle soreness recovery and muscle pain reduction secret that the pain relief industry hopes you NEVER discover!

Have you ever felt depleted with sore muscles and stiffness after working out, cleaning house, playing weekend sports or even after just coming home from work?

Let’s face it, these activities can be draining.

If you would like to significantly reduce or eliminate muscle soreness and fatigue after any activity and help your body regain a state of natural balance quickly, then this might be the most important info you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

If you push yourself to the limit, work a very physical job, or experience soreness after working out or doing everyday chores around the house, you will love this book!

Now for the first time Body Recovery, The Ultimate Soreness Recovery Program will show you how to use EFT–Emotional Freedom Techniques or ‘Tapping’—to boost muscle soreness recovery after workouts or any activity that would normally produce soreness or fatigue in the body.

This is the information you need to recover faster physically and mentally after exerting yourself or after any strenuous workout.

Now we know this is a bold promise and you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. Let us give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:

Here are three reasons to believe what we say:

➡️ REASON #1: Using a groundbreaking technique called the Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT, Stacey Vornbrock, M.S. has been helping professional and amateur athletes worldwide with muscle soreness recovery and fatigue quickly and easily—without using drugs or steroids—since 2003.

She is recognized as the “Sports Performance Pioneer.”

EFT, or tapping, has been widely accepted and is proven to be effective. It has been called “acupuncture without the needles.”

➡️ REASON #2: Stacey is a pioneer in the use of EFT with muscle soreness recovery issues. In fact, muscle soreness recovery is her most widely used set of protocols when working with professional and advanced amateur athletes.

The reason these protocols are so popular is because of the significant impact they have on helping your body quickly regain a state of balance after any physical activity.

Stacey is the first EFT practitioner to develop a set of specific protocols that help athletes speed up muscle soreness recovery and get them back playing at their optimal level quickly.

Now she has made these amazing protocols available to you to help make working out more enjoyable by eliminating the pain often associated with strenuous activities.

➡️ REASON #3: The technique works at the deepest levels. To speed up muscle soreness recovery, the cause must be addressed on the cellular level.

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive:

  • Speed up workout out or strenuous activity recovery time. Get your body back into balance faster than you ever thought possible
  • Recover quickly from tough physical labor, house cleaning, weekend sports, and exercise of any kind. When you release the chemicals that cause soreness on the cellular level, pain and discomfort is gone. You won’t believe how quickly these protocols work.
  • With no aspirin or other pain relievers, EFT promotes quick and easy recovery. EFT speaks directly to your body, bypassing the conscious mind, and completes the processing of chemicals out of your cell receptors, returning your body to a state of balance. Click here to read more about EFT.
  • You can remain completely skeptical and still get great results. Unlike other techniques, EFT speaks directly to your body and not your mind, so you don’t have to believe it will work in order for it to work.
  • Tapping is not designed to replace anything you are already doing in your life. Use it as an addition to good nutrition, chiropractic, naturopathic and modern medical care. In fact, EFT compliments any other modality that is already adding to your health, well-being and life.

By following the simple, yet highly effective, protocols in this eBook you will:

  • Speed up the time it takes for your body to recover from strenuous activity
  • Completely eliminate or reduce soreness
  • Recover quickly and easily after any competitive sport or strenuous activity

This is without a doubt the most innovative and thorough program of its kind available anywhere at any price.

These protocols take only minutes to use and the results are amazing!


But, don’t take our word for it!
Read what our happy customers have to say:


“I like to work out, but when I take these long trips to Asia I get off my workout routine. So I tell everybody I’m a perpetual beginning workout guy, because after three or four weeks on the road I come back and I’m always starting over. And of course the worst thing about starting over with workouts is how sore your muscles are in the first week. 

The first time I used the Body Recovery protocols it was incredible, I mean no pain after working out.  None of the lactic acid buildup, which Stacey had promised me it would address. The next day I’m in the gym like I’d been working out for two or three weeks. I use these protocols religiously. I tell my trainers about it, I tell everybody I can. They find it hard to believe but I tell you I’m living proof.”

Bill Siemens, Owner of Globalink Network 

“Catching can be quite grueling mentally and physically and the Body Recovery protocols make me feel refreshed. That’s one of the most beneficial sets of tapping protocols that Stacey has given me. It’s allowed me to bounce back quicker and play every day and catch every day, which can be very taxing. Since tapping with Stacey, I am able to see myself successful. I can visualize easier, getting in that zone much more easy. It just frees me up mentally and physically and it’s very beneficial.”

Vinny Rottino, Professional Baseball Player, Catcher for Milwaukee Brewers

“As an athlete, working with Stacey helped me on and off the field. Through tapping on issues about baseball I was able to free myself of old injuries, hang-ups, and bad habits. Tapping on off-the-field issues has changed my life and opened my mind up to a new world. It has given my body and mind the freedom you need as an athlete to focus and perform at the highest level.”

David Bell, Major League Baseball Player

“The Hockey Manual has so much information for everything.  If you’re tired and fatigued, if you need energy, there are tapping protocols for everything in there. You don’t even need to be an athlete to own the manual.  There’s stuff in there for everything in life. When something else is going on in your life that’s bothering you, you can find help for that in the Manual. The Manual has been great for me and I use it every day.”

B.B., Top 10 NCAA Goalie


Use these Body Recovery Protocols after:

  • Workouts
  • Weekend sports
  • Any type of exercise
  • Yoga, Tai Chi or aerobics classes
  • A strenuous day at work
  • Soreness of any kind
  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Experiencing physical or emotional trauma
  • Physically pushing your body to the point of fatigue or exhaustion
  • Heavy lifting
  • Yard work
  • Construction work

WARNING: Do NOT buy any Body Recovery Program unless it meets the following three criteria:

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. We want to give you three criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any program you obtain.

1. Make sure the program has been tested at the highest levels. Professional athletes have used this program successfully to reduce or eliminate soreness and fatigue and get back to playing quickly.

EFT is NOT a theory. It is proven to work by professional and amateur athletes worldwide and it will easily work for you.

 2. Make sure any training program you buy is written by a leading expert in the use of EFT to decrease workout or strenuous activity recovery time.

Stacey Vornbrock, M.S. has pioneered the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with professional and amateur athletes. Her clients have learned how to release mental, emotional and physical blocks on the cellular level by following her simple tapping protocols.

3. Be sure the expert you listen to is a specialist. Stacey focuses only on sports performance and body recovery with athletes.

She has appeared on numerous radio shows, including several appearances on Peter Kessler’s Pure Golf Show on XM Satellite Radio. Her work has also been featured in Golf Week Magazine.

She is the author of nine EFT Breakthrough Performance Sports Manuals and eBooks, including Injury Recovery, Travel Recovery, and Coming Back to Balance.

You get at least 10 times your money’s worth!

Stacey’s clients have paid $6,000.00, and sometimes more, for her instruction. They call it a bargain because of the months and even years of pain and frustration she saves them.

How much is faster muscle soreness recovery and eliminating pain after exerting yourself worth? Most people feel that gaining these benefits is priceless.

Body Recovery Manual by Breakthrough Performance | BREAKTHROUGHPERFORMANCE.NETIn summary, here’s what you get when you order today:

  • The complete Body Recovery Program. Nothing is left out.
  • Bonus MP3 of Stacey leading you through these protocols. Imagine, right after working out, you can jump in your car and tap with Stacey on the way home. You’ll be done within minutes and you’ll help your body recover so much faster from your workout, virtually eliminating soreness.

You can do the same thing after any activity. Just tap with Stacey to recover quickly–physically and mentally on the way home from work or after any kind of physical activity. There’s no need for you to even repeat what she’s saying! Just tap on each point as she guides you through it and you’ll be done in no time!

As we mentioned, athletes have paid $6,000.00 or more for Stacey’s help. The knowledge you’ll gain that will help speed up your muscle soreness recovery and lessen pain is worth thousands of dollars.

But, as you can see, you won’t pay anywhere near that much. You pay only $39!

You can’t lose with our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Use the eBook for 12 months and reap the benefits. If for any reason you aren’t thrilled, simply return the materials and we will refund your full purchase price.

You don’t have to decide if Body Recovery, The Ultimate Soreness Recovery Program is for you right now. All you have to do is get it and try it out.

If it doesn’t do everything we’re promising here and more, if it doesn’t work for you, you have nothing to worry about. You can get a full refund under our 12 month money back guarantee.


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